Bit O' Luck Blocks

I can't believe I forgot to post pictures of my other class!   We like to decorate for Holidays and my kids won't let me forget about St. Patrick's Day!   The excitement of being able to pinch someone who is not wearing green and getting away is just too wonderful to let go.  But, have you ever noticed that there is not any good St. Patrick's home decor?  I decided to make some blocks with some pretty, sophisticated patterns and voila!  St. Patrick's decor that is not plastic, shiney and awful!
Sign ups available here.  Kits can also be mailed to you if you would like.  Contact me and we can figure it out! 


Erin said...

Hi - I'm still wanting to do your Valentine blocks...trouble with scheduling, now my husband is going to be out of town - I'll let you know!!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

What a great idea! Your block are gorgeous. Do you by chance do a Hanukkah set? It is really hard to find cute hanukkah decorations!!

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