Faux Mirrored Side Tables

On Tuesday, the last day of a particularly long school break for the kids, we made the trip to my favorite hairdressin' niece for a much needed hair cut.  I love going to see Kaylin because not only am I obsessed with her hairdressing skillz, but love to talk about her house with her.  You see, she has bought her first house and is in the process of decorating it.   You should see her kids rooms.  Oy!  Adorable! 

Anyway, we were talking about her bedroom and going over the look that she wanted in there.  She bought a bedroom set years ago from Pier 1 for steal, but has since tired of the yellow color of the wood.  That and the fact that her son drew treasure maps on the armoire and side table with magic marker.   She's been toying with ideas about refinishing the furniture when she mentioned that she would love to have mirrored side tables but didn't want the fuss.  That reminded me of this post from Jenny of Little Green Notebook.  I love just about everything that she does and thought that this silver leaf dresser was a great idea.

via LGN

So pretty right? 

Not only that, Jenny recently used the same technique to mirror the glass on this cabinet.  I can't wait to see the finished results. 

via LGN

It's got me thinking, thinking and thinking some more about how much I like it.  How would I use it in my home? Side table, dresser, mirror, lamp, linen cabinet, bathroom cabinet??  How would  you use it in yours?

So thank you darling Kaylin for making my locks lovely and taking away my grumpiness and giving the kids a big unfinished basement to run amuck in. 


Kaylin said...

Oh my heck! (Side note: I think of John Travolta's woman voice from Hairspray when I type that phrase!- Haha!) I freaking adore that picture of the nightstand! I simply MUST do that to mine! -but am I scared? How does it stay on?? Oh, and lovie, you are welcome in my home any day, any time. :)

Kids Furniture said...

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