Bookcase Backing

Remember a while back that I painted the bookcase chartreuse green?  And how it was kindly referred to as neon pickle at night time.  Well, I was determined to make it work.  Fortunately for me, my favorite fabric (that was on the walls in my bedroom) was just about the perfect match for the paint.  So using some thumb tacks, liquid starch and little patience, I lined the back of the bookcase with fabric.  Now, I like it much better!

Since the front door enters right into the front room, I don't have an entry way or mudroom that I can work with.  This bookcase is working overtime housing baskets for mittens and gloves, umbrellas and an outgoing basket.  The outgoing basket is where I put things that need to be returned like library books or store purchases. 

Funtionable and pretty.  I'm happy with it and hope to improve on it more in the future.


shelley said...

i love it! love it love it!
hope you are doing well!!

Sharmyn said...

Seriously Megs, I just bought the Paris version of that clock at Marshalls 2 weeks ago. Spooky. Love ya.

the mama monster said...

i loooooooooove it. you are so great.

Autum said...

Very pretty!

Kaylin said...

So chic and fun. Just like you. :)

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