Ah yes, the quilt!

I've been searching a long time for a new bedspread for my daughters room.  She had worn out the last one and was snuggling herself into a pile of random blankets at night.  I'm sure that's comfy and all but let's simplify it a little bit mmm-kay.

After months of casually looking, I popped into TJMaxx the other week and found several contenders.  Pretty pink Moroccan print,  yellow and blue ruffle quilt, pink and white floral quilt, even a little Amy Butler to tease.  But, the stars aligned as I walked around the corner and found this happy, little bit preppy, Tommy Hilfiger quilt and sham.  Aren't the flowers pretty?

It's Tommy Hilfiger's Rooftop Terrace.  I can't find the exact same one on the Internet.  This one has a blue and white ticking stripe on the back and trim unlike the Internet photo.  I found it funny that I would of never bought it based on this picture:  Tommy Hilfiger Rooftop Terrace Mini Duvet Set


PS:  Here's a little picture (for you sis) of the paint colors on the wall.  Yep, they sure look the same, but I assure you, they are different!
top left MS Cotton Candy; top right MS Phlox; bottom RS Lilac


Jeff & Christy said...

I love that bedspread! I actually saw it at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago and wanted it for my own bed! You're right - it's much better in person. Also, the lilac paint looks the best. It seems warm and more palatable. (Does that even make sense? It does in my head...)

Sharmyn said...

Thanks for the pic. darling. Love the quilt so cutie. From the paint swatch photo I like the phlox. I like to spell phlox too and say it out loud. When I pronounce it I pronounce it with a "ph" although to the undiscerning it sounds like "f." I know you understand these things.

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