Childrens Art Work

Have you read Houzz?  I like it.  This week, I'm loving this article on ways to display children's art work.  It's something that I really want to incorporate more in our house. 
our home
our home
via Simple Thoughts

We have a large collection of kid-art adorning our fridge, the big magnet board and the doors in the hallway.  I would, however, love to make a display more prominent and important.  Great inspiration! 

I've got some canvases that I bought years ago for the kids to paint and never did.  I think it's time to get them out and let them have at it.

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the mama monster said...

that is a super cute idea. i let my kids paint some canvas awhile back but i never hung them. i also love the idea of paining a huge canvas with chalkboard paint so that they can change up the artwork.

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