purple-ish-pinky what color?

I went to three fabric stores in search for the perfect colored fabric for my daughters room.  I've got big plans and just need a little fabric to acheive it.  Now that we've taken a turn into the purple side, per daughters request,  I'm embracing it with all my little ol' non-purple lovin' heart and making it a firm, yep-that's-a-purple-room awesomeness. 

I spent an hour perusing the three little fabric stores by my house for the perfect purpleish-pinky color.  Granted, the stores are small, but this color is hard to find!  Finally I found the right color at Ben Franklin's which fabric selection is on the smaller side.  Here's a little sample I brought home to check the color because I forgot to bring a sham with me:

Even though I wanted a solid color, the pattern in this is subtle.  Annnnd, I finally figured out what to call this purple-ish-pinky color after all that perusin'...

Yep, magenta.  Der.  Here's the official Wikipedia definition: 
Magenta is a color in between pink and purple. Sometimes it is confused with pink or purple. In terms of the HSV color wheel, it is the color halfway between red and blue and is composed equally of red and blue (50% red and 50% blue). Another name for magenta is fuchsia, named after the fuchsia flower.
Leave it up to me to not really do purple after all. 

I also found some lovely purple-ish-pinky magenta on the clearance rack at Walmart.  Who knew that size 4x womens $3 turtleneck would be such an inspiration!


the mama monster said...

walfart is always an inspirtation. there is beauty to behold! can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

Kaylin said...

Magenta is going to be stellar! Can't wait to see what you do!

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