Dream of our Old Home

Last night, I dreamt that we re-bought our old house.  It was kindof a strange dream.  I think it was brought on because I found this picture I took of my littles sitting on the doorstep yesterday. 

Oh how I love this little picture.  That was his version of smiling that month.  Cowboy boots with shorts, check!  She was just as sassy at one as she is today. 

Anyway....I dreamt that we bought the house and then I did everything that I wanted to do to it when I lived there but didn't.  I didn't do it because we weren't going to stay in that little house for more then 3 years.  And I worried that it wouldn't be as appealing to the masses if I did what I wanted.  I realize now that I was crazy to think that because really, it maybe would of sold faster if it wasn't so plain.

First, I would of added more bushes and plants to the front garden with a rock path from the driveway to the front door.  I would of painted that front door a bright yellow or red.  I would of made it look more like the little cottage that it was at just under 900 sq feet. ( It was something like 15 big steps from the front door to the back door and the most efficient use of space with not one nook or cranny wasted.   I could clean the house from top to bottom, front to back in just 2 1/2 hours!)

In my dreams, I enjoyed the freshly painted kitchen cupboards with the brushed silver pull handles (that I did buy but never installed) instead of worrying that the next owner would think that they weren't new cabinets.  I enjoyed the wood laminate floors that I wanted.  Much easier to clean then the big expanse of light vinyl that showed everything.

The front room would of gotten some color and hung something above the sofa.  And dark red and dark green?  I've never really liked those colors, but, I thought that was what you were supposed to do.

Those were just a few of things that I wished I'd done.  Silly dream?  Sure.  But looking back, those were little things, most not too expensive, that I could of done to make my house more our home.  It was a long process selling that house.  I see now that if I had done more of these things, my house may have been more appealing.  Hopefully, I've learned something from that experience.  Hopefully, I've learned to love and make my house now, my home.

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Sharmyn said...

Oh I love that picture of the kids. So sweet - one of my favorites. I forgot how pretty that tree was!

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