Paper Flower Tutorial - or - How to make that awesome flower on your Happy Easter Kit

Thank you all that signed up for my classes!  I've had a lot of fun meeting you and getting to know you.   There were a lot of kits this time due to it being Spring break so I just wanted to pop in and show you a few techniques that I used to complete these kits.  First up, the Easter tutorial.  There is a large, dimensional flower on the Easter blocks.   There is no real set way to do this but this is how I like to do it. 

First, grab your largest flower* and crumple it to give it texture.  (In these photos, I did this as the 2nd step but I have since found that I like it better when I do it first. )  You can do this as much or as little as you would like.  I like to crease each petal in half. (*Please note that this flower is not the same as your kit. Your kit will have the large hot pink flowers, the second flower will be similar with writing or ledger lines, the 3rd flower is the numbers and the little flower is dark green.)

Next, wrap each petal around a smooth round object like a pencil, pen or dowel.  This flower, I rolled each petal in since I wanted my flower to come out. 

Your flower will look something like this.  If it looks a little too much like a dead spider, no worries, just flatten it out a little bit.

Do the same with the other large flower found in your kit and then layer each flower on top of each other making sure that the petals overlap.

Crumple up your next flower and repeat the technique above.  Crumple, flatten, roll.

 Layer on the flowers.  Secure with glue dot or paper adhesive of your choice.  I often used a light layer from my glue gun.

Repeat with your next flower.  Repeat after me, crumple. flatten, roll. 

Top with your smallest flower.  Make sure that everything is glued together securely. 

Top your flower with one of your larger gems and adhere to your letter with paper adhesive, pop dot or your glue gun.  Whatever floats your boat friends! 

It's easiest to place your flower first and then add your leaves.  So, let's get those leaves made shall we?  Crumple your leaves for texture and then crease the leave in half.  Dab glue to the end of your leaf then tuck your leaves in where  you want them on your flower.  Notice that my leaves and flower go over the edge of the block.  Here's the final product:

Cute!  You've got a show stopping flower that you can brag about to your bestest buddies.

Here's the other details:  use your same crumple, roll, fold techniques on the little flower.  Fold your little butterflies wings out and use a small gem to butterfly center.   Tie the ribbons to the wings and glue to your letter then top with a gem over the hole of the ribbon ring.  (Didn't get the velvet ribbon?  Sorry!  It's at Robert's waiting for you!)

Add three smaller gems to the flowers of the bunny.  

And yer done!  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks!


Erin said...

Hi - I want one of your 3 bird kits (I am trying to see if Teryn is getting any, so we can plan to get them done together...she can't make the class on Saturday), but I'm loving the colors in your Spring (oranges and blues...) is there any chance to get that paper for the 3 birds??? Thanks!

pangaloon said...

Oh thanks for this- what a gorgeous tutorial x

Sharmyn said...

so cutie - what lovely hands you have

Kaylin said...

You are the cutest crafty girl around! So adorable!

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