Mini Love Letters Monday

Dear Fabric Wall,
How I love thee.  All I need to do is get something to block out the light better because my window light is shining through (see the left side of the picture ).  As soon as that is figured out and accomplished, I'll be that much closer to finishing the room! 

Dear Jo-Ann's,
Thanks for having 50% off your Calico wall with an additional 20% off on top of that.  I scored some major cute fabric and have already finished one little dress for Miss Sassy-pants.  I can't wait to finish these projects!

Dear Little Miss Sassy Pants,
I love that you are so in love with the dress I made you.  However, I hope you take it off soon so I can wash it!

Dear Spare Room,
How come you are still messy?  Get yourself together!

Dear New Bag of Mine,
Yep, I'm pretty much in love with you.  You are just about the perfect size for my church gear.  It was a bit tricky getting to the finished stage, but now that we are here, I'm thrilled!


the mama monster said...

yay for finishing the bag! how did it all work out? and yay for the room. it looks fabulous. and i need to see little miss sassy pants dress. maybe i will walk me bum on over some time.

Suzanne said...

very cute post, thanks for the nice comments over at the mother huddle on my ribbon storage.

Kem said...

Hey lady where is my letter???? I kinda like coming her to see how great I am. Oh well I'll write one to you.

Dearest Megan,
I am so in love with your bag and I am super sure that you should at the very least help me make my own. (you have awesome bag making skills). Loved the dress and as soon as there is sun shine I would like to introduce said dress to mr nikon for a little photo session. I am sitting here wondering why I haven't walked my bum over to see your new fabulous fabric wall. Oh wait the anwser is crying and the other part of the answer is hanging from the sealing. (ok I must be honest Evie Rose isn't crying and Milo isn't hanging off the sealing I said that to be dramatic) Sorry.
Thanks for all the friendship and movies and stuff.

Your Friend

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