Easter Tassels

Quick shop update tonight with a few of my tried and true Easter tassels. 

Creamy Easter bunny with my favorite combination of colors.  Crisp black, springy green and of course pink!

Yummy chocolate Easter egg in my signature pom-pom style. 

Happy wooden Easter bunny in layers of pink.  Look at that crazy layer on the top.  It's so fun!  (Pink flower is not as bright as pictured.)

And of course, my favorite Spring chick.  This is my Papa's favorite little chick  and of course, he has one of his own.

Coming up next week:
  •  the sweetest little onsies made thanks to this girl.  She's got a talent for mixing fabrics!  I love EVERYTHING she does.  She should offer her mad skillz up for rent. 
  • a few more new Easter tassels.
  • Maybe, just maybe, the elusive St. Patty's Banner.
  • and a GIVEAWAY from Dusty Daisy Designs!


the mama monster said...

i love them meg. how come you are so freakin amazing at making tassels? really they are so lovely. and thanks for the kind words but i really didn't do all that much.

Sharmyn said...

hoooooray for spring tassels!

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