A Mini Letter or Few

Dear Cordless Phone,
I know that you may feel used and abused, but really, you are loved and needed.  Please come home.  It's been 9 days and I'm really starting to think that you have left home for good. 
With all my heart,

Dear Cutie-Patootie Friends of Mine,
I can't WAIT for girls night tonight!

Dear Craft Room,
Would it be too much to ask you to clean yourself?  I just cleaned you up not that long ago and now you are bursting from the seams again.  I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with me and my crazy crafting ways.

Dear Paint,
We have a hot date today.  I'm excited to get it done!

Dear Mother-in-law,
Thanks for watching the little garbage man today so I can have a hot date with my paint. 
Many hugs, 

Dear Sharmyn,
Thanks for the love packages.  I can't wait to come and see you!!
Loves, hugs, and kisses!

Dear Home Depot,
Thanks for carrying the Martha Stewart line of paint.  I was having issues when they took it out of Lowes but thanks to you, dear HD, I now have nearly every single paint swatch of your lovely hues.  I especially like your blues and grays.  Lovely!

Dear Teryn,
Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!!  Haaaaapppy Biiirrrrrthday dear Teeeeerrrryyyynn!!  Haaaaappppy Birthday tooooooo you!
*Mini letters idea found at Vintage Fern.


the mama monster said...

dear megan-
i am excited to see your painting, and go to girls night... and now i want to go to home depot thank you very much! maybe your phone is at kems house? i love that she will call me from her parents on her phone.

Kem said...

Dearest Megan,
How I have missed all of our phone calls these last 9 days. I can't wait to see your paint and to have a rocking good time tonight.
Lets hear it for girls night.


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