Ahhh! Freak Out! Le Freak, C'est Chic

How to scare your husband in three easy steps.

  1. Cover a perfectly good window with foam board and duck tape.  Be sure to run out of duck tape before it's actually done.
  2. Decide that yes, the window sill really is in the way and you can't stand it anymore.  Break out the old tiles in the window sill.
  3. Begin to starch fabric to wall but be sure to leave it out and half done because you started this project just two hours before you were supposed to go to work.

Works like a charm!  Here's to me crossing my fingers that I can get this project to work!  Eek!


the mama monster said...

i am so excited to see it megan!i want you to do everything and then tell me how to do it and what you would do differently next time. i'm not getting the covering the window thing but hey i'm a hippie.

Aubrey said...

that's funny. you're a lot more ambitious than I am--i wish I were better at tackling things by myself. i can't wait to see the end result.

Kelly Martin said...

Ah, I see what you were talking about! It looks great! I love the fabric!

Nicole said...

Can't wait to see what your up too. Hey would you ever want to do a guest post over at my blog??? I'm wondering if you would want to do a post for your cute little onsie with the ruffles on it. Or anything else you have an idea for. Let me know.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I can't wait to see - it would certainly make my husband start sweating!

Kaylie said...

Whoa. Knocking out tile. You got some ambition going there, girl.

Kem said...

Remember don't panic until you are all the way done and then call me over and I will say that why yes it is wonderful and that I always new it would be and that you can refer back to this comment for prof.

Denise Marie said...

Hey girl, don't scare him too much. lol

I wanted to tell you that I got a tassel from you about a year ago and love it. It is the huge chocolate covered cherry style heart that sparkles. It stays on my kitchen cupboard all the time.

Early on in my blogging experience I blogged about it:

I didn't realize I could track you down with Etsy.

Blessings...I hope I win the give~away!

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