Bargain Alert!

Hey Chickies!  I was alerted by my cute friend that Martha Stewart's glitter is on clearance in Michaels for only $1.99 a bottle!  The first store I went to had nothing left but I scored at the 2nd store getting all the good basics with an option to get nearly all of the colors in the collection.  I still want to get the 24 color essentials kit, but it's good to have the bigger sizes in the colors in the colors I use often. 

I love me some good glitter and was thankful that I just got paid for flute lessons.  Phew!  Can you imagine glittering some Easter eggs and Easter bunnies?  Glittering flowers for your Easter baskets?  Glittering everything? Hurry and run to get yours.  At these prices, it won't last long.


the mama monster said...

oooh that is a great deal! what store had them still? i'm guessing layton?

Connie said...

I think it's fate I ran into your site just now because I have been needing glitter! Let's hope there's some left at the michaels around me! (;

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