Christmas Eve Eve

Today it's Christmas Eve Eve!  We are planning a sleepover in the front room under the glow of the Christmas tree with Christmas movies and treats.  It's our first year and I'm hoping to make it a tradition.  Let's see if I can handle the crazies.  They are extremely excited for it!  All except for my oldest who got sick yesterday and is really whiney sad about it.  It sounds like strep throat so we are headed to the doctor today.  It's strep throat again, oh my!  It wouldn't be Christmas if somebody wasn't sick.  It's a tradition that I don't enjoy.

I'm in the mode trying to remember who I'm forgetting and getting the last bits done.  I may be guilty of adding a little more here and a little more there.  It's hard for me to let some things be.

I never did share my Christmas banner with you.  It's been up for weeks!   I'm blessed to have a friend who gives me fabric and she chose a festive red and green color scheme.  I think it turned out cute!  I never added the pompoms to it.  Maybe I'll put them on today? (*Update:  Banner got pom-poms! )

Love the carolers...

And the flower is so fun and unexpected that I think it's probably my favorite.  Well, next to the poinsettia, and the carolers and the holly toile.

I got this gold wreath, that I love, from Home Goods.  I realized how nerdy I am when I tried to take a picture of it.  My son, however, is a little bit nerdier then me being that he kept opening the door and laughing at me.  My poor kid has strep throat and is pale with dark under eye circles, but he just can't stay down.  He may or may not be shooting me with darts right now.

We are super excited for Christmas to come!  We are all ready and I'm thrilled to give the kids their presents this year!  We will have a little time before church to enjoy them which I'm so happy about.  We usually go to Gram's house right after our Christmas morning for breakfast and a BIG present opening fest for the kids that makes them forget all about what they got from us.  Gram likes to spoil which is perfectly fine to do.  I'm sure I'll be the same way when I get grandchildren!

So, are you ready for Christmas?

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