Project overload

This sign would be perfect in my home.

(Picture found at My Sweet Savannah)

Do you know how many projects my silly brain is trying to figure out? 
Procrastination overload.
  Why the overload?  Oh, because it's only 12 days until I set up for this cute showcase kicking off the Holiday season.  Day after day passes with little progress. 

Be there or be square. 


Heather said...

Soooo, how much do you have done now?

And how about now?


Meg, GET OFF YOUR PROCRASTINATING BUTT AND DO STUFF! And no, checking your blog does not count.

The kids can chop the vegetables and mow the lawn themselves, no worries.

You want I should come help you?

Cuz I would you know. You say the word and I am so there.

Kaylie said...

Um, where?

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