Fall Scrolly Pumpkin



I only found two of these little cuties months ago.
One pumpkin was made and sold a while ago.
The other little pumpkin sat sad waiting to be fancied up.
So I fancied him up in sages and tans,
fall berries and leaves,
a red-brown checked ribbon tied like a sash
making this little scrolly pumpkin
ready for the ball.
*Available for purchase here.


Sharmyn said...

Who knew pumpkins could be so sophisticated!

Heather said...

Oh, this one I LOVE! Really very elegant. I love the Fall Pumpkin one too but this one has red so it's my favorite.

Honestly, do you have anything you DON'T do well? (don't answer that. I prefer my Perfect vision of you, thankyouverymuch!)

Heather said...

OK! So it's not red. The ribbon registered as more red to my brain yesterday when I looked at this. But clearly it's more like a burnt orange. Which is heading to red if you ask me....

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