Rainy Weekend

This weekend was cold, dark and rainy. Perfect for time to work on crafting pretty things but not so good for getting pictures of these pretty things. But believe me, they are pretty. This week is an exciting week for me. I have officially hit the 100 posts mark on this here ol' blog and want to celebrate but alas, it's too dark to take pictures. So celebrations have to wait till the weather clears up a bit.

In addition to celebrating, another giveaway is planned for this week. So check back soon because it will be worth your time. In the meantime, I finally listed a few new things in the shop.



the mama monster said...

woot woot, can't wait to see what was accomplished! i love craftin and cooking on cold, rainy days and that is just what i did too.

Heather said...

Like I can actually sit and wait for your pictures!! Like I can sit and wait for anything.... I REALLY need to find my Graceful Waiting. I left it around here somewhere....

Not like I have a choice either. Darn gloomy weather and cameras that don't like gloomy weather.

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