Favorite Halloween Movies

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions on new Halloween books. I can't wait to add to our collection!

During the month of October, we can't help but induldge ourselves in some good Halloween movies. Our favorites are:

What will you be watching come All Hallow's Eve??


the mama monster said...

yep yep beetlejuice, nightmate before christmas, and edward scissorhands are our favs. oh and corpse bride, legend of sleepy hollow and charlie brown too...

Heather said...

We always watch a scary movie when we get home from out fun evening out.

Only tonight's return home time is after 1 am. So I don't know if or what we will watch.

I'm going to surf Apple TV right now. I'll let you know tomorrow!

Heather said...

We watched Charlie Brown's It's A Great Pumpkin...I don't think you ever get too old for Charlie Brown. Ever.

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