Halloween Tassels at Home

One of my favorite clients and friend sent me pictures of her tassels in action at her home.  Erin's home is always amazing each season and holiday.  Her displays are impeccable and gorgeous.  She is always full of good ideas for decorating.  I love the way she placed her superstitious cat tassel on her candlesticks in the midst of her display on her piano. 

She ordered a custom made bat tassel just recently and she placed it on her candlestick on her mantel.  It looks perfectly at home along side the jack-o-latern and fall greenery.

It's always fun to see where my tassels end up.  If you have a picture of yours, send it to me.  I would love to see it! 


Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

I love, love, love your tassels and only wish that I could buy one... or all of them! :D

She decorates very beautifully!

the mama monster said...

cute cute cute! is that the gal who lives down the street? cute style. i have an idea, maybe you should teach how us how to make tassles for homemaking or whatever the heck its called.

Heather said...

I bet it gives you a good feeling when you know your tassels are going to a good home. After all the time you spend with them, nurturing them, helping them to grow up and be ready to face the big wild world...

When you find a piece to make into a tassel, do you know how it will look right away? Or do you just sit down and see what happens?

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