Happy Santa and His Snowman Tassel Give Away

So here he is in all of his happy self.  My giveaway at Blue Cricket.  A cute, little happy Santa and his cheering snowman.  This little duo just makes me smile. 

For Blue Cricket's give away that I am sponsering, I am giving away one of these Santa's wrapped in a clear bag with ribbon and a handmade tag and card.  Perfect for gift giving to your favorite someone or yourself.  That's Santa has authentic vintage green trim on him.  I've been hoarding it for a while to do something special with it and he was the one.  

This Santa is just as cute from behind.  I say if you've got it, flaunt it.  Check out his little round rump. 

Everyone of my tassels are handmade and designed by me.  Each one has a lot of time and effort put into designing them.  I love each one and would put each and everyone up in my house if I had the space.  But then I would be known as the crazy tassel lady that puts a tassel on everything and anything.  I'm afraid that I already have a bit of that reputation already. 

What is a tassel anyway?  Well, it's a little decorative touch that makes a big punch in your decor.  I love to hang tassels from obvious places like my armoire, doorknobs and banisters.  But they also look great decorating your candlesticks, vases and pictures.  Try on the back of your barstools and little curio cabinets.  Love them hanging from a single hook.  You are going to love it! 

Head on over to Blue Cricket to enter for your chance to win and if you are in Utah, come on over and pick up some holiday tassels this weekend at Piper & Chloe.  It's a win, win situation!


Erin said...

So excited to enter your giveaway! I love this little guy, especially the curly cues right under him...I hope to make it up to Piper and Chloe tomorrow. You are amazing!

joyce said...

What a cute Santa tassel! I'd love to have him for myself.

the mama monster said...

cute cute! and hopefully i will see you today missy!

Heather said...


Yes, I am yelling at you.

How else will you hear me all the way from Phoenix?

LUV this Santa. Love him. But then, I love all of them....

audreyscountrycrafts said...

Isn't he just the cutest?!! Off to enter to win!

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