Studio 5

Here's the video from today's show.  I thought Nikki did great!  She's an amazing person.  Even more than the video shows.

As soon as I get my banners back, I'll take photos to share.  They really turned out great!  I have to specially thank all that helped me make all these deadlines the last few weeks.  Thank you Jodi, Kem, Sharmyn, Mom & Dad, Sharon, Jackie, Heather, Raylene, Teryn and Jessica.  I sure have wonderful friends and family and I hope you know that!  Doesn't it sound like I am accepting some sort of award??


Sharmyn said...

Yes you DID win an award. The cool- t.v.-check-out-my-banner-oh-ya award.

the mama monster said...

yay megan! you win coolest chick around award for being on studio 5! i loved the christmas banner. i need to know what fabirc you used...so stinking cute.

Heather said...

You ARE famous!!!! See? I TOLD YOU!

Your hair is so pretty. Your jeans look so hot on you, can I do your dishes for you?

rebecca said...

Megs I loooooooveit!!! Your famous!!!! way o go girl!!! For sure I am going to brag that I know you!

Dawn said...

YAY! You are super awesome! Congrats on your fame! Love you girl!

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