Thanks to Grace at Ruby Moon Designs for nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award!   My very first blogging award here on Megity's Handmade. 

Following the rules, seven random facts about me.
  1. I have a nephew that is one month older than me.   There are nearly 20 years between my oldest sister and I. 
  2. I've played the flute since I was in 7th grade to this day.  I teach flute lessons and play with a local professional flute choir, Flautisimo and am lucky when I get the occasional call to play with the local symphony.  I dream of a permanent spot with the symphony!
  3. Speaking of flute, I am a band geek!  Complete with marching band experience.  In my defense, I grew up in Salt Lake City and I moved right before High School started to a small town.  At the new school, marching band was huge and you had to do it to be in band.  I made some great friends!
  4. I only like cucumbers with vinager.
  5. I was named "Melissa" for the first few weeks of my life which was then changed to Megan.
  6. And I am the only daughter in my family without a "y" in her name.
  7. And finally, my husband and his family only call me Lincoln or Linc for short.
So interesting I am sure. 

I nominate these cute gals:
Steph and Angie

Thanks again!


the mama monster said...

thanks for the award friend. off to think of 7 things....

the mama monster said...

for some reason the fact that you had a different name for a weeks if highly amusing to me. i also love that your nickname is lincoln.

Kaylie said...

Yeah, so why aren't you playing with us right now, you flute geek?

Kelly O. said...

WOW! you play the flute! that's fabulous! playing an instrument well really defines a person.

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