Mindy Mae's Market

I'm super excited to check out Studio 5 tomorrow because Mindy Mae's Market, the show I'm doing on December 4th & 5th, is going to be featuring some of her vendors and I'm on the list!   I'm very flattered to be listed among all that talent. 

Check out what Mindy Mae's has to say about it here.

So, if you are in Utah, watch Studio 5 at 11am and watch for that cute Nikki.  She's the kindof girl that feels like she's been your BFF since you were born.  Yes, I'm cheesy like that.

Remember, STUDIO 5 - (KSL - Channel 5) WEDNESDAY NOVEMEBER 11TH @ 11AM.   Be sure to tune in!!


Heather said...

Did you get edited innie or edited outtie? I'm so curious!

I'm also super proud of you Meg. With everything else going on, you pulled this one off and I'm proud of you.

Mindy Mae said...

You are an ANGEL! Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts! You deserve it and I'm so honored to get to say, "I knew her back when..."!

Sharmyn said...

Terrific!!!!! What a darling banner - and I saw cute Mr. Santy up there on the mantel!

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