Sweet Tweets Going on Now!

If you live in the area, Sweet Tweets is going on now!  It's a good thing that I don't live so close to this boutique because that means less shopping and less calories.  Somebody made homemade caramels in different flavors like orange, licorice, cinnamon and such.  Mmmmmmm!   (And for us northern folks, make a day of shopping because it's located near IKEA.)  So head on over to Sweet Tweets and pick yourself up a sweet tassel, limited edition banner and some caramels.

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Erin said...

I missed going with Teryn yesterday, but snuck out today and went to take a look...I just couldn't pass up one of the reindeer again - so yes, I've added a classy brown and red/tan reindeer to my Christmas decor!! Yeah for me...although I was very close to escaping with the Happy Birthday banner too - I loved it!!

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