Christmas Cheer

This year, I played four Christmas concerts with my flute choir group, Flautissimo; one concert with the Davis Arts Council (which I played just ten measures but the concert was so amazing!) and one 3rd grade Christmas program.  Phew.

I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to do it.  Listening to Christmas music is festive, but playing Christmas music and enjoying live Christmas concerts brings a warm, happy holiday cheer to me.

In the famous words of Buddy the Elf:

"The best way to bring Christmas Cheer, is singing  loud for all to hear."

I think it's true.  Watching your child sing Christmas songs wearing a silly little collar is one the best ways to bring Christmas cheer.  Laughing at how much she would not show any emotion while she sang.  Enjoying my husband at her concert because miracle of miracles, he was off early that night!  (Seriously a miracle!)

Have you been enjoying Christmas concerts this year?  

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Sharmyn said...

Yikes she looks so grown up!

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