"Behold Him" and "Let It Snow" kits available

Limited number of original kits available as of August 2013.  Please go to this post here for more information or use the Paypal link on the left side of blog to order your kit.  Thanks! 

There has been a lot of interest in my "Behold Him" Nativity blocks and "Let It Snow" blocks.  I am able to reproduce a limited number of kits and am currently taking a list of people interested.

Kits must be pre-payed and will be shipped unless other arrangements are made for local people only.  Please click on this link here to find further information about these kits or feel free to email me at megitys(at)gmail(dot)com.  Thank you for your support!  Big hugs!  Megan

**Behold Him kits available for pre-order now! Please click here for details about kits. Paypal links are located on my left sidebar.**

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