Good Bye 2011! Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's already the end of another year!  Where did all the time go?  Do you have any New Year's plans tonight?  We are going to the city celebration where they are having a kids carnival and bingo.  We went last year and it was hilariously awesome.  Maybe we'll win the big prize this year?

In typical Megan fashion, I'm ready to throw out everything in my home.  Every year, I stop myself and ask myself to be a little bit logical about it.  This year, I think it reeeeaaallly needs to go.  2012 will bring me trying to  sell a bit, give way a bit, donating a lot and filling up the garbage bins repeatedly.  Awesomeness.  I've even started a rather large project today that I didn't really have any direction for.  In otherwords, I've made a HUGE mess!  Wish me luck.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun New Year's Eve! 


Sharmyn said...

Cute font on your bloggy banner!

Paige said...

I do wish you luck. I'm going through my bedroom chucking stuff while hubby is out of town (my stuff, not his). I found four pairs of slightly too small pajama pants. Do I keep them and pretend they are going to fit sometime in the next year, or throw them out?

http://dissertations.biz/editing-service.php said...

My congratulations . Let's hope the next Year will bring us more joy and will be more productive.

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