So, after (nearly) 30 days of blogging, I suddenly quit?  Not by choice.  The last two days feels like it's been two weeks.  Our city was hit by a very strong east wind Thursday, knocking over trees, siding, roofs, fences and power.  It was crazy!  We've been very fortunate as there does not appear to be any damage to our house.  Just a lot of debris and branches.  Our neighbors did not fair so well.  Many huge pine trees just could not withstand the 90-105 mph winds.  This was the common site just in our neighborhood.

downed fences and ripped off shingles are everywhere
huge tree in the park - the roots were at least six feet tall

trees lining main street
This tree was huge!  Taller on its side the both of the house.  Looks like a blessing landing right in the middle but unfortunately, it bounced off both houses before coming to its resting place.
Crazy right?  It's not common weather for our city  We are grateful that we fared well as far as damage goes, but we were without power for almost two days.  It was coldy, coldy, coldy in our house.  We opted to spend the night at home that night, sleeping together in one room like a little ol' pioneer family.  It was quite cozy actually.  I was surprised at how well the kids slept and how early they went to bed.  I think that we might need a "power outage" every night!  Ha! A mom can dream.  

Now, we are back with power (can I get a hallelujah?) and feeling like we are far behind when really, we are just starting the holiday season.  I've got my tree all decorated and Christmas banners are in full production.  I   didn't put out any holiday decor other then the tree.  This year, I just feel like making something new.  Something holiday inspired instead of holiday obvious.  Does that make any sense?  

Hope all is good in your neck of the woods and you are all cozy, warm and toasty! 

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Sharmyn said...

Oh my what a devastation arctic blast! I am glad you are ok. M&D got a bad hit didn't they?

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