Christmas Eve

Wow!  It's amazing to me that it's already Christmas Eve!  I hope I'm all prepared.  I keep thinking and re-thinking what I have done to make sure.  I'm sure you are doing that too!

I got some last minute wrapping done.  Very simple with a beautiful red satin ribbon.  I think the packages turned out beautiful!

I added pom-poms to my banner.  (Hello neighbor washing your car.  Would you like to wash mine too?)

We got a darling package from my sister that included this little handmade pine cone elf and a delicious treat! It was a fun surprise!

The house is clean and I've got cookie dough thawing and dinner started.  I'm sure I'm missing something but I'm enjoying these few free minutes I have.

Wishing you and your family a very, Merry Christmas indeed! 


Sue at the Little Shack said...

I absolutely love your Christmas flag banner! I am think it's so funny that you can see your neighbour out washing his car...funny because where I live, we won't be even thinking about washing cars until April or May! The water would freeze before it dried on your car! I'm enjoying the cold and snow, but give it a month and I'll be wishing for warm weather, gardening and green things! Have an awesome Christmas and many blessings!

Sharmyn said...

xoxo back to you and lots of love too!

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