Our Christmas Tree

This year, I really, really, reeeeallly wanted to love my Christmas tree.  My trees have always looked nice, but nothing special.  One year, I bought a bunch of brown ornaments.  Fail.  Do not use brown ornaments unless you have a white flocked tree to show them off.  Instead, use brightly colored ornaments like chartreuse and hot pink and turquoise!  That will ensure some happiness in there.

I scored the pink vintage pink ornaments for 75 cents at the thrift store!

Add lots and lots of glittery things! Even those doily snowflakes sparkle.  Those silhouette ornaments are my favorite!  I would love to buy some more this year, but it's just not in the budget right now.  I will be sure to get some more when I can!  

Our book advent is under the tree in that basket.  The kids are loving the book advent.  They are so excited to read them with me and are being really good about taking turns.  Even my nearly 12 year old loves it!  He loves Christmas.  He still believes very strongly in the magic of it all.  Looks like it's time to wrap some presents up.  My kids have been enjoying wrapping up their old things to give to each other.  Funny babies!

So this is our tree this year.  I'm wonder what it will be like next year?  Are you enjoying your tree now too?


Sharmyn said...

Hooray! You did it! It is DARLING and funky and fun! Hooray!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I love it! ...and would you believe that I don't even have mine up yet?

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