Christmas Pillow Inspiration

So far, I've made a Halloween pillow (not blogged about) and a Thanksgiving pillow  so I'm feeling crazy consistent and think I'll make myself a Christmas pillow too.  I found this free graphic the other day on The Graphic's Fairy website.  I'm thinkin' that it will look great for my Christmas pillow.

The site even gives the graphic in reverse which is fantastic.  Especially since I have yet to figure out how to reverse my images.  I'm sure if I sat and actually tried to find how to flip them, I could do it, but so far, my images haven't really needed it.  Yes folks, I'm all about the doing the bare minimum.  I'm thankful for Graphic Fairy and her free images.  Now off to decide my fabrics!

1 comment:

Sharmyn said...

Um does that include making one for moi???

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