I admit, I'm very thankful that Halloween is over and done with.  For some reason, I fussed and worried way too much about it this year.  Now it is November, I thought I would take the opportunity to give myself a challenge.   In November of 2007, I did NaBloPoMo which is blogging everyday for the month of November.   NaBloPoMo (which is really hard for me type btw), gives you a topic to write about each day, but I'm feeling a bit rebellious and think that I will take the challenge for myself to be a little more thankful in my life.  After all, it is month of Thanksgiving.

Today, I'm thankful for a warm car to drive my kids to school in while it was raining cats and dogs.  And, I'm thankful for the sweatshirt that I stole from my husband to keep me warm and dry while I ran them out.  Oh, and I am thankful to take down my Halloween decorations!

Care to join me for this thankfest?  I would love it if you do!


LoveFeast Table said...

I agree with you! Thankful to move onto Thanksgiving...now if only the candy would eat itself! We are thankful too that you stopped by our table!

Sharmyn said...

I am thankful for you pookie. You remain a bright spot of happiness in my everyday life. Loves.

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