Christmas Planning

Organizing is not my forte, but, I like to pretend that I'm a little bit organized.  Knowing what I to get my family for Christmas ahead of time always helps.  (As does buying it ahead of time.  Sometimes it happens (and it's delightful when it does) but often it doesn't.)

As I mentioned yesterday, I did some Black Friday shopping.  I was able to find most of what was on my shopping list.  My shopping list was just a quick jotting down of my thoughts and my thoughts can be pretty unorganized.  When I got home, I physically wrote out what I got, for whom and who it's from.  (Whom is such a funny looking word.)  I like using a Christmas planner to make it more official.  Of course, I have to put that planner under lock and key, buried in the backyard so the kids can't see it.  This year, I used this free printable Christmas planner.  I've also used in years past Flyladys' Christmas Control Journal.  Both work just great.

I'm thankful for free Christmas planners.  Are you?  Do you write down everything down or remember it all in ye' ol' noggin?  If I did that, Christmas might be pretty interesting! I've already got some readjusting and returns to make.  That is if I can bring myself to return them and not just buy something else to even it back out.  :)

*Tonight is our first Christmas performance for Flautissimo!  Tis the season!

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