Thankful for Our Neighborhood

Sometimes, I completely forget how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful neighborhood.  We have friends  for everyone on every street! My kids have oodles of friends to play with! When we sold our first house and  looking for our second home, all I wanted was a family friendly neighborhood.  Our first home I actually liked quite a bit.  It was small but efficient.  It had a great little orchard in the backyard.  But it really, really lacked the family friends we were looking for.  Thankfully, this neighborhood made up for it with an abundance of friends not only for my kids but for us as well.

These boys love hanging out with the girls.
Two little sweeties
Red Neck Swimmin' Pool

My all time favorite picture.  Add twenty years and it could be at her wedding.
I went searching for pictures and I don't have many!  It's a goal now to make sure to take some pictures of these sweet friends.


the mama monster said...

here here!

Sharmyn said...

Love that swimming pool shot!

Jake's a Rockin' Bloggin' said...

Ha ha! Red neck swimmin' pools are hillouarous!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Mom, your embarrassing me!

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