Thankful for Music

I just remembered tonight that I'm doing a thankfest!  Is it silly that I forget so fast and easily?  You may not know, but I play the flute.  I've been playing every since Vanessa Constance talked me into joining band with her in 7th grade.  I joined the dozens of other flute players and just went with the flow.  By 9th grade, I was really serious about it so my Mom signed me up for flute lessons with a teacher that made me love it even more.  She was extremely talented, but not pompous.  One of the groups she played for was Kairo by Night and I thought it was so cool.  I would still love to learn that genre.   I practiced hard and was looking forward to playing in an elite band that I auditioned for at Skyline High school when everything changed.  My parents decided to move just two weeks before school was supposed to start.  Growing up in a big city and then moving to a small town was kind of a shock!  Thankfully my involvement with music brought me many new friends and opportunities.

Today, I'm thankful for my ability to play the flute.  I'm thankful to belong to a  wonderful, local flute choir, Flautissimo (even though I have a love/hate relationship with it come early Saturday morning rehearsals).  I'm thankful to have the excuse to play (even though it is Christmas music we are rehearsing right now) and thankful that it will always be there for me even though I don't take the time out to practice.  (Go ahead and have a little giggle over our group picture.  We don't enjoying taking them that often.)

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Sharmyn said...

You happen to be the cutest flute-r of them all in my unbiased opinion.

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