(Nearly) 30 Days of Blogging

I did it!!  It's the last day of my little self imposed thanksfest.  I'm glad that I did it because I need to remember to be thankful for all that I have.  Sometimes, I find myself so frustrated over the simplest and I know that it's a tiny bit overly ridiculous when I forget about my many blessings.

Curious to remember all that I thought was important to blog about, I thought that I would recap what I'm thankful for.  
I've been thankful for...

  • twice for music 
  • two uplifting sayings 
  • eight crafting/inspirations 
  • remembering my blessings twice 
  • friends three times
  • easy dinners 
  • warm car
  • yoga
  • bedtime
  • thrifting
  • hulu
  • cheap chocolate advents
  • and not surprisingly, my family 19 times  (funny because right now, they are fighting like mad and tattle-telling on each other.  They'll get over it, right?
All day I thought it was December 1st.  Obviously, it's not.  I've been working on my Christmas tree with the help of my (long distance) sister.  Why is she not my neighbor again?  With decorating, working on a billion Christmas banners and such, it feels like it should be way into December by now.  Before I know it, Christmas will be here and we will be surprised at how fast it flew by.  Here's to a fun and festive December! Hear! Hear! 

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