Autumn Letters

I found a post today that I had forgotten about. Since I loved my Summer letters so much, I decided to make myself a set of Autumn letters.

Unlike my September wreath that is full of color, this one lent itself to be more neutral with shades of brown, copper, and cream. Mmm...I love ribbon.

It's a toss up on my favorite paper on this.  Either it's the "M" or the "A and U".  Depends on the day,  but the "M" has had the upper hand for a while now.

I have officially decided to make them for each season but I can't help but itch to make something with richer colors for November.  Monthly words is something that I don't really want to do but somehow, it keeps creeping up in my mind.  Halloween needed "Haunted". (I guess I never shared those either.)  Christmas will want something different, why not November too?

Today, it doesn't feel much like Autumn.  I took the kids to the movie this afternoon and we came out to a huge snow storm.  Now they are enjoying the snow and I'm enjoying the warmth of my house.  That is what I'm thankful for today.

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JD and Stella said...

hi Megan! i'm your newest follower and your 'autumn' letters look amazing :) it may be a little late for me to do this (thanksgiving is next week!!!!) but you've inspired me to do something similar for xmas :) thanks for sharing!!

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