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I've fallen in love with this dress from jcrew after I saw it in December's Better Homes and Garden.  Can't find an image online, but she was wearing it with a skinny black patent leather belt, long beaded ball necklace, sweater tights and fun heels.  I really loved the pop of bold color for winter (that was not red) that winterized great.

It was on blogger Joslyn Taylor and her Simplicity blog that chronicles that she will end the year with less then she started out with.  The idea is to buy quality, timeless pieces that you love and can wear for at least the next five years.  This outfit came in at nearly $500.  Yee-ouch! Obviously, not in the budget for me but lovely nonetheless.

Thankful for inspiration because now that I know that I like this look, I can try to find budget pieces and use what I have to pull it together.  Looking at her blog, it's obvious that she has some money to work with.  All of her pieces are beautiful yet expensive.  I'd take each and every one of them for my wardrobe.   Does anyone know where I can get myself one of those beautiful vintage Indian dresses?

Although she can have a lot more fun making thoughtful purchases then I can, I still can do the same on a much smaller scale.  Which makes me realize that I have got to do something about that closet of mine.  It's pretty small and neglected.  Not a whole lot in there that is wearable since I did clean it out a month ago.   I need to figure out what I need but more importantly, what look I'm trying to achieve.

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